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Funke’s Corner : The Beginning of A Journey  ………..

Funke’s Corner : The Beginning of A Journey ………..


Hello friends and friends of my friends.

You are welcome to Funke’s Corner. This space is created to motivate and inspire you to achieve greater heights. Funke is not a motivational speaker but she is a highly self motivated Individual. Without self motivation other forms of motivations might not achieve the desired goal/goals. So, Funke’s Corner is set out to help you become a self motivated individual, Someone who can look inward and tap energies deposited in him or her. No doubt, we all need support and interchange of experience to achieve our goals but no one really know us the way we know ourselves as individual.

Therefore, we need to discover who really we are and learn how to access energies within and rejuvenate from within. If external support finds us it will serve as bonus to the existing power within us as a person. So join me on this platform as I will be sharing with you thoughts that can propel you rediscover who you are and utilize your discoveries on your journey to greater heights. Thank you for reading.

Awodiya Funke, poet by passion, sociologist by training and novelist in making.

Author of The Farmer’s Daughter


Olasunkanmi Olasunkanmi is an information geek, a passionate story teller, a dynamic entrepreneur and a lover of any tool that can make maximum impact in the the life of fellow young men and women.