Home News Update Dangers Of Hair Relaxers To Women’s Health -Teniola Adewumi
Dangers Of Hair Relaxers To Women’s Health -Teniola Adewumi

Dangers Of Hair Relaxers To Women’s Health -Teniola Adewumi


Not many are aware that some ingredients used for the hair products they apply can be dangerous to their health.

Concerned, Teni Adewumi,  a Ph.D. student in Industrial Hygiene at the University of California Los Angeles Fielding School of Public Health, decided to do a research on this.

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Teni wanted to know if hair relaxers and some other products with chemicals are healthy for women’s body and hair. She soon found out that relaxers and other chemical hair straighteners are harmful and may have links to high rates of reproductive health problems, like miscarriages, uterine fibroids, asthma dermatitis and hair loss. She found out through an extensive survey she carried out.

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She has been educating users and hair stylists on the dangers of some hair care products that can cause chemical exposures and chemical-related health problems.

Teni is the environmental justice program coordinator at Black Women for Wellness, a California nonprofit organisation concerned about the health and well-being of black children.

In her capacity, she is helping to train stylists in safe products and practices, from ventilation and personal protective equipment to product designs and understanding labels.

She is also working to make salons safer for women.


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