Home News Update At 29 Opeyemi Odutemowo Has A Ph.D In Nuclear Physics!
At 29 Opeyemi Odutemowo Has A Ph.D In Nuclear Physics!

At 29 Opeyemi Odutemowo Has A Ph.D In Nuclear Physics!


A 29-year old Nigerian woman, Opeyemi Odutemowo recently bagged a Ph.D degree in Nuclear Physics from the University of Pretoria, South Africa.

Opeyemi, after her BSc program in Applied Physics proceeded to the University of Pretoria for her masters program and there she continued her studies in physics.

Her MSc dissertation focused on the modification of glassy carbon under stronitium implantation.

Her Ph.D thesis investigated the effects of fission product bombardment on glassy carbon, as Opeyemi aims to provide soultions that will help generate cleaner and safer electricity in Africa, especially Nigeria.

Growing up without stable electricity in Nigeria, Opeyemi felt the need to do something about it, hence, her passion for physics.

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In a chat with woman.ng, she said,

“The study is about finding a way to store nuclear waste generated from nuclear power plants. I hope that with studies like this, Nigeria will be willing to add nuclear as one of our ways of generating power. No country needs it like we do.”

Asked how many years it would take for Nigeria to have a stable power supply if it invests in nuclear power, Opeyemi said,

“It depends largely on politics/ logistics. About five years I guess.”



Source: www.woman.ng


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